What To Feed A Picky Toddler–Green Beans w/Tomatoes!

19 Jun

Green beans and tomatoes? Really?! Toddlers would eat this?  All fine and appropriate questions. However, I have proof. Years ago, a friend of mine, who had a very picky eater of a child, had eaten some ‘green beans w/tomatoes’ (I like to put them in quote marks, to give them more importance) that I had made earlier that morning. It’s a standard Lebanese method of cooking said beans, except, that I add a couple of whole garlic cloves to Kaukab’s “recipe.”

The beans, eaten with pita bread (because, in the Middle East, everything is eaten with pita bread) are a lovely blend of cinnamon, crushed tomatoes, and fresh stringed beans. Given that toddlers, especially American ones (of which I had three, a sufficient time ago), seem to prefer sweet, processed food, or the standard CHICKEN NUGGETS, you’d think that offering a picky one something so polar opp0site of preferred-sweet-processed-food, would be akin to expecting it to enjoy drinking espresso from his sippy cup. And I would concur. But, a few days later, my friend called and was ecstatic. Her picky eater loooooved them. Not sure if she fed them with the pita bread. The thing was, this “picky” eater preferred real food to its artificial counterpart. Imagine that. Kaukab’s ‘Green Beans w/Tomatoes’ above. Enjoy!

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