5 Jul

It's Hummus Time! Break Out the Pita Bread.

The top of the “Fourth” started early–6:30 a.m. early–as I hurriedly got the chicken marinated, the hummus made, and the black bean salsa deposited in the fridge before downing my morning ritual cup (usually two, when not rushed) of green tea and heading off to church with the family–something we’re trying to do more of, as proposed by our children.

Roasted Green Peppers to Nestle Aside the Grilled Chicken

Then, a rush back from church and on to more food prep. Tomato-cucumber salad, with mint and oregano from the garden, plus feta to top it off, roasted potatoes, roasted green peppers, and some rapid-fire corn-shucking (3 doz. and with the help of my husband) then into the kettles for safe-keeping. (I am rather possessive of  my sweet summertime corn.)

Summer-Sweet Corn

Tomato-Cucumber Salad Mid-Prep.


Back Patio, Amid Preparations. Pay No Attention To The Hired Help, Uh, Lovely Daughter.

 Mind you, throughout this ‘feast or famine’ venture, I managed to clean off bird poop from several outdoor furniture pieces and porch floors, put up festive outdoor lights and lanterns, and cut some fresh hydrangeas to be placed in old-timey milk bottles (for nostaglic effect).

Garden Hydrangeas Waiting to Dress Outdoor Tables

The kitchen floor stayed put. No time to pre-clean; and besides, there really was no point. Soon, the floor would be walked upon by 25-plus adults, and more importantly, teenagers. Later that night, my kitchen floor thanked me. I had relieved it of its duty to remain spic-and-span clean, had I chosen the alternative. I think we both smiled when I turned off the last light and went to bed.

I chose my husband’s plate to show the end-results of his wife’s prolific cooking feats. Given said husband’s zeal for staving off massively built-up hunger pangs after an hour of grilling poundfuls of poultry, plus a few assortments of sausages, said wife will next time pick another’s plate.

Over-My-Hubby's-Shoulder Shot

'Old Glory' Welcoming Our Friends

All was right on our first annual Fourth Of July party. All invited, came. All enjoyed the wonderfully-prepared food (patting oneself on one’s back).

All saved the “hostess-with-the-mostess” from a dessert-barren party, by bringing homemade (and faux-made, but equally-delicious) confections to satisfy our collective sweet tooths (okay, teeth–if you must).

Lovely Trifle, Lovely Friends

Then, at approximately 9:25 p.m. we all took a short two-block walk down to the riverwalk to get our fireworks fix. All invited decided that future “Fourth” parties shall be held at the same site. This hostess felt most honored…and loved.

(Recipes for many of these items to be posted soon in the ‘Table Menus’ section.)

2 Responses to “MY FIRST “FOURTH” PARTY”

  1. Sandy 09/01/2010 at 3:20 am #

    Oh, and what a lovely time we had. Thank you so much for feeding us delicious food that we never get to enjoy and for just being such a blessing to our family. Our whole family talked for days about the food (and fellowship).
    Our love,
    Miller family

    btw…I may have to begin a blog on wordpress, you have inspired me, but of course it would not be about food, because I can’t cook :o)

    • mymotherstable 09/02/2010 at 3:58 am #

      Yes, a blog you shall have! An inspirational one. Because, you, my dear friend, are a wonderful source of spiritual inspiration. Cook? You make great sandwiches! You are queen of the snack foods!
      Thanks for coming on and reading my blog.

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