My Corny Story

18 Jul

I had been to the farmers’ market yesterday, and like every other visit there, I like to end at my favorite stall to gather up their locally-farmed honey and sweet corn. I do buy other produce from them, but the corn and honey are the best of the whole market.

So, as I’m standing at the counter to pay, one of the girls says to me (in a modulated voice which spoke of immense curiosity), “You sure do buy a lot of corn! Do you have a big family?” To which I answer dumbly, “Well, no, I have three kids…and a husband, so that’s only five of us, but I had a lot of people over for the 4th of July, and I tend to have a lot of people who visit, and, well, did I mention that we really love your corn…it’s so sweet…the best here….?” By now the line has grown behind me in a most imposing way. 

Really, I don’t think she cared to know why I thought it was important to verbally defend my corn needs. She just wanted to let me know that if I needed to, they sell corn by the  boxful.

I think the most I bought at any one time was 3 dozen (for the 25-plus 4th of July-ers). My usual count is anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 dozen.  It’s just that, I buy them every week. At the same stall. Because they’re best there. Is that so wrong?   

Corn, I Will Always Love You

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