4 Aug

After my play-by-play account of our day out on the open highways and biways, I realized something important about Kaukab’s place in this modern-day fast food world.

I asked myself, ‘Self, what would Kaukab have fed me that was quick, cheap, and full of nutritious goodness?’ 

The answer harkened me to a time when I was in elementary school.  Most everyone walked, and all meals were eaten at home. There was no school breakfast or lunch program. You got up; got dressed; and you ate your breakfast, ready to face the long walk to and from school–twice over. Once, to school’s morning session, back home for lunch; then back to school for afternoon session, and back home for dinner (supper in these parts) and homework.

In those days, there was McDonald’s, but it didn’t learn of breakfast until several decades later. People just had to figure out how to get themselves fed without ’em.  Fortunately, for we five kids, McKaukab’s served breakfast. No McGriddles, and rarely a pancake. Mostly, when we were pressed for time, Kaukab fashioned us what I like to think of as the prototype for the modern-day roll-up. She’d take a rather large, thin pita bread and slap a thick shmear of her homemade yogurt cheese to its edges.  A fine drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, and ready for a tight, Cuban-cigar-worthy roll-up. The whole operation took her less time than it does for Mickey D. to take your order–much less “prepare” it.

We’d take our “cigars” on the walk to school–at least a couple mornings a week–happily tearing the stiff, dough-y rolls with our baby teeth, thankful we weren’t subjected to a lukewarm Farina standoff at Kaukab’s table. 

McKaukab’s Pita Roll-ups: Breakfast of champions.


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