Got Oil?

6 Aug

I Miss You! Hurry Back.

With all the havoc BP’s created in the Gulf, I’m fully aware that my yearning for more oil seems a tad insensitive. But, a person of Mediterranean heritage–such as myself–can feel a “quart low” if enough days pass without consuming a regular diet of foods touched by olive oil–particulary, of the extra virgin persuasion.

It’s day 5, and I’m at a loss as to what to eat.  Not until you lose something so significant to your everyday life that you realize its real importance to your sustenance. Okay…a bit overstated, I concede.

So, for the past 5 days I have done without several of my favorite dishes, because I couldn’t stand the thought of eating them naked. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, pronounced in such a way as if he’d solved the oil cap problem, “Just use the Canola oil, instead!”  Brilliant! Of course!! Nevermind that Canola has neither the viscosity or flavor of olive oil, let alone the extra virgin kind. It’s oil, right?

Heeeey?  Maybe, I’ll just drive myself to the Gulf of Mexico, scoop me up some of that wonderful fresh virgin oil, and whip us up some of my fine salad vinegarette.

Kids, get in the car.


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