Here She Is…

23 Aug

A New Addition!

I found her while shopping for new bath towels at Marshall’s. I came upon a collection of sweet aprons hanging on a rack. This was not among them. Initially, I had eyed a spiffy little number with orange, yellow, and brown polka dots.  Did I mention I have a thing for polka dots?  Problem was, the neck strings were all tangled among the others, so much so that I was willing to forego them just to save face with the other onlookers.

I felt so deflated, particularly because a few younger-lings had come up on them and remarked how uber-cute they were, which made them appear even more appealing.

I went on, looking for my commonplace bath towels, when there she was. Lying innocently on the lower shelf in the shower items aisle. I nearly stepped on her. I had never seen an apron as flirty as she/her. Going into apple season made it even more relavent to my purchase, so I reasoned.

Once home, “violin girl” snatched it from my cook’s hands and declared, “Oh, I love it. It’s mine!”  I didn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise.  I had “driver boy” take a few photogs of her wearing the new addition; however, when I went to upload them from his SD card, I found that he had deleted them, assuming I had already done so.

A bit of ranting ensued and both “violin girl” and “driver boy” declared a mutiny. It’s a shame, because they were such nice pictures.

That was yesterday and all seems forgiven. “Driver boy” allowed for one more photo shoot. Really. Just one photo.


4 Responses to “Here She Is…”

  1. Lilly 08/23/2010 at 11:24 pm #

    I think you officially have a collection now…have we created a monster? She’s super cute. I smell Granny Smith Apple Pie already. Did I mention I want to visit this Fall? ;-D

    • mymotherstable 08/24/2010 at 3:22 am #

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! Apple pie.

      What’s the train schedule look like? Does it allow you to stay over, or will you only be here for the day? Please tell me longer than one day.

      Although, I’m not sure Kaukab would let you go for longer than that, especially if she catches on about your travel destination.

      Mums, the word, Lilly. Mums, the word.

      Kaukab’s daughter

  2. Celeste Jenkins 08/24/2010 at 12:05 pm #

    I love, love, LOVE this apron! I found one at Ross in a similar style and wear it often. Enjoying your blog so far and look forward to seeing more!

    • mymotherstable 08/25/2010 at 5:01 am #

      Thanks so much, Celeste. Your blog is so, so good. I’m stealing some of your recipes. The stuffed chicken looks like something even my boys might touch.

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