Enough With The Musical Fruits!

22 Sep

Tonight was drum class night. It had been some time since I had heard food counts and, although I had resigned myself to the idea that there may never again be any mention of cherry pie or coconut, I wasn’t all too surprised to hear them return to this night’s gathering.

Violin girl and I had been to the local McDonald’s (I know, I know…Please don’t hate me.) and I suddenly had a craving for the pretty picture of a teeny, rectangular-shaped cherry pie. Where else can you get two pies for a buck, right? (Yes, I’m aware they aren’t REAL pies.)

Arriving back at drum class, I fish for the cherry pie. In true fast food efficiency, I pull out a…wait for it; wait for it…APPLE PIE!  How is it that the word, “cherry” sounds so much like, “apple?” Deflated, but hungry, I ate it–protesting to the very last bite.

Meanwhile, violin girl and I begin to hear their drumming instructor spew out a running list of fruit pies: cherry pie, apple pie, blueberry pie, huckleberry pie–enough to fill a bakery case. Then, coconut, cocoa, and chocolate. Once, I heard “one-ee-and ah two-ee and ah…” I thought he had said, “andouille.” 

Feeling inspired (and bored), we began adding our own grocery items to the list: macaroni, pomegranate, canneloni, mashed potatoes and gravy….

Anything, but fruit. Um, with the exception of pomegranate.

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