23 Sep

Poached Pears w/Gorganzola

Finally got to the Farmer’s Market! Had been far too long. Forgot my camera, so missed out on the many great photo ops. Ginormous pumpkins stood guarding perfectly aligned rows of mums, and so many beautiful fall produce. So, I did the next best thing. I took some of my bounty when I got them home.

Awaiting Tomorrow's Mini Pork Roasts

Sweet Potato Fries Potential

Cute Little Pears, Ready For Poaching


I’ve always wanted to try poaching pears, and when I saw these little cuties, I just had to jump. I decided to make a balsamic bath and then once tender, boil it down to make a syrupy reduction. I love the idea of pairing pears with a sharp cheese, like gorgonzola–which I did.

A light, but satisfying dessert











 You can find my recipe in the ‘Table Menus’ section. By the way, I had an unusual  visitor for dinner, this evening.

Thirsty Bugger

Quite Thirsty












Finishing Up

Hate To Drink and Run


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