Japanese Spanish

27 Sep

Violin girl and I had been to the local mall today.  Used to be we had to drive an hour to shop at one of these. Now that our drive is one-tenth of that time, we rarely visit. But today was different.

We had decided to visit the ubiquitous food court full of the standard fast food fare. We split a #1 deal. She, an American-sized pizza slice and a root beer; I, a small American version of a Greek salad–dressing by the packet. Dessert was extra. We shared a decent carrot cake–no, not the whole cake, just a slice. As we sat at our table, facing the Japanese kiosk, a curious site permeated my brain.

Those brightly, lit picture menus ,where the food looks deceptively fresh, were entitled in English–with Spanish subtitles. Perhaps you’ve forgotten? I live in West Virginia. We’re not known around these parts as having a large population of Spanish-speaking residents. We border Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Not exactly Spanish-speaking hotspots.

Ironically, three of these states, WV included, are homes to large, Japanese auto manufacturing plants.

I wonder if their cafeteria menus display Spanish subtitles?


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