Lentil Fever

11 Oct

Driver boy had one of those 24-hour bugs Saturday. Fever-chills-fever-chills. Good thing for him, Kaukab lived fours hours away. Otherwise, he and Kaukab’s daughter would have been pelted with verbal pleas and admonitions of “Make some lentil soup. It good for him!”  So, I did what any respectable daughter would have done. I stayed away from the phone and went out to lunch with a friend.

A Pita Pit shop had just opened up and we were excited to try it out. I had been to one about a year prior and remembered it fondly. Everyone working there seemed to know enough about Greek cuisine to competently prepare pita sandwiches for the foodie masses.

Well, this shop hadn’t quite lived up to the task. Sure, the shop is only a few weeks old and I realize there’s a learning curve to be drawn. But, when the girl at the counter answers my question, “Is that goat cheese?” (asked, only because I couldn’t see the container’s contents) with an uppity declaration of “No, it’s feta cheese,” it’s clear to me that the curve is going to be quite large. Note: My falafels were too crumbly and difficult to eat. Make of that what you will, counter girl.

Afterward, I took my friend to one of my favorite places to shop for spices and such. It’s a little shop owned by an Indian couple. Everything in there is fresh and cost-friendly. Where else can you get  7  ounces of vacuum-sealed crushed red pepper flakes for $2.49? (Take that, McCormick!)

As we were walking about, I came upon a couple of shelves holding several packaged-varieties of lentils. Green ones, red ones; little and big. All there–just staring me in the face. It’s as if Kaukab, not to be out-smarted by her daughter’s evasive phone-sitting, had planned the whole scenerio.

And, I nearly bought some. I went so far as to hold several of them, debating whether I’d really use them to make Kaukab’s soup. After all, driver boy was hurting and in need of something nourishing.

After some debate–all 60 seconds-worth–I decided to buy these, instead:

Lentil-Free Zone

 Much prettier than lentils, don’t you agree?

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