A Cursory Lesson In Anniversary Dining

25 Oct

Our anniversary dinner is over. Time to shelf it away in the special celebration closet and move on to life’s normal conventions.

Our dining experience was a tremendously successful one; however, we’ve learned a few important lessons that I would like to share with you.

Lesson #1:  Be mindful of restaurants with a 5:1 wait staff /table ratio.

Lesson #2:  Resist restaurants with valet services.

Lesson #3:  Begin mind-searching next year’s dining alternatives, which will address Lessons #2 & 3. Do this while you are contemplating ordering dessert.

Lesson #4:  Make peace with your bill.  Realistically, it’s not useful to fantasize about offering dishwashing services so late in the game.

Lesson #5:   And finally. Be grateful for all the anniversaries past and those to come.

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