Thanksgiving Countdown Madness

24 Nov

Today’s the last full day I have to roam the various grocery stores in search of the last remaining items needed for Thanksgiving.

We’ll be eating our holiday meal in Ohio, just up the wooded hillside from our old place, at my sister-in-law’s house. (She’s married to one of hubby’s brothers.) This year, I’m in charge of the salad and cranberry sauce. I offered her a choice of two homemade salad dressings: a vinegarette or a creamy garlic, parmasean. Creamy won out.

I’ve already got the romaine…and plenty of lemons.

Here’s my list:

1 lg. red onion

Mayo (Gotta be the Hellmann’s)

1 baguette

2 pkgs. fresh whole cranberries

Just four little items! Seems simple enough, right?

I can hear Kaukab now: “Whad I tell you? You dondt know how to listen!”  Yep, all the way from Cleveland.

Here’s hoping you find all you need for a Happy Thanksgiving. It sure would make Kaukab’s a more pleasant one.

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