Talkin’ Turkey

25 Nov

Called Kaukab a bit ago. Wanted to wish her a ‘Happy Thanksgiving,’ but, more importantly, I wanted to find out what she had cooked.

It’s always an interesting dialogue between us, particularly when the holdiays come around. Here’s a snippet:

KD: “Hi, ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’, What are you cooking?”

K: “Eh, You cookin’ turkey?” (Surprised tone in that her daughter had made the first call.)

KD: “Well, no, but I ha…” (Dialing up the speech-o-meter, trying to get in all the justifications of non-turkey making)

K: “Oh, I cook turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, salad…”

KD: “Who’s all com…?”

K: “No, no one comin’; just me and Joanne (my younger sister, who lives with her–long, long story; you don’t want to know). I don know why everybody cookin’? I…

KD: “Did you make any tabouleh?” (trying, desperately, to deflect holiday cynicism reeking from the telephone)

K: “Robert (her neighbor, a chef,who lives across the street from her) give me some parsley, but it not too good…”

KD: “I made tabouleh, hummous, and your green beans on Sunday for friends…” (Somehow hoping to gain favor with Kaukab–a Herculean feat)

K: “Eh, dat good; no one eat the dark meat; I cook only da white meat…” (Answering to earlier questions, like an Oprah viewer talking from her suburban living room, fidgeting with her delayed feedback earpiece)

At this point, my phone, nearly broken and simulating a pay phone, begins beeping. I am usually annoyed by these, in that I have to quickly run upstairs to violin girl’s room to grab the old, working phone when I want to continue talking with others. But, in this case, I am pleased. Pleased, because I will have approximately one more minute in which to wrap up my holiday call, thus permitting Kaukab only a few last Thanksgiving jabs at her daughter’s failings…beginning with the opting out of turkey cooking and ending with her disapproval over my lack of making sure that violin girl had followed through on calling her grandmother to thank her for the birthday card/money sent in early November. “She meant to, but she’s been really busy…” proved unacceptable.

And, so, today…I am thankful. Thankful, for hubby and kids to remind me of what is most important. Love. Everything else is just turkey talk.

Wishing You A Blessed Thanksgiving

Kaukab’s Daughter


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