The Hummus Test

3 Dec

Was at a little reception last evening. One of violin girl’s fellow homeschool friends had her last voice recital, before moving with her family to Texas. As recitals go, this one was beautifully put together. Voice of an angel.

At the reception table was a bowl of hummus, with nicely-sized pita triangles for spreading on. As I eyed the thick, but smooth spread, the hummus maker nudged me to say that it belonged to her and that she had used my, uh, Kaukab’s, recipe. There was no olive oil drizzled atop, but I didn’t mind that. I knew what her intention was, which was to use it as a thick spread rather than Kaukab’s method of making it thinner to use as a dip, scooped up with the pita bread. As nervous as she was for me to taste it, I didn’t feel it necessary to add to it, by mentioning Kaukab’s certain disapproval, had she gotten word of it.

The hummus maker turned her back toward me as I took my first bite. (Yeah, that’s what happens when one’s reputation is on the line.) Well, she had nothing to worry about–at least not with me. Kaukab, I can’t speak for. Never could. Believe me, she’d gladly confirm it.

All the aspects of a flavorful hummus were in place. Just enough lemon without it causing too much zing. Garlic, enough to taste, but not overpowering. It was all good, and I told her as much. Still, she didn’t believe me. So, she begged me to take some to violin girl to blind-taste, cautioning me to not mention her name. I did what I was told, unlike with Kaukab.

I made my way over to her and firmly instructed violin girl to take a bite of the hummus-laden pita and tell me what she thought. Initially, there was some aversion to doing so, since past experiences of hummus tasting with her mother usually resulted in lousy attempts at hummus-making. Sensing her reluctance, I repeated my instruction and after her first bite, a look of surprised joy appeared. I told her, “Good! Isn’t it!?” She nodded approvingly. “She used my recipe!”  To which, violin girl replied, “Oh, that’s why it tasted so good!” See why I love her so?

All that was left to do was to deliver the test result.


Of course, the final test will be given by Kaukab.

Good luck!

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