‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….’

14 Dec

A Fresh Start

So, we’ve got the tree. I gave Hubby orders to trudge on over to our Farmers’ Market and bring us home a tree. There were only a few specifications to satisfy.
1. The tree must be a Fir.
2. The tree must be of suitable height and fullness (but not too full).
3. The tree could cost no more than $50 bucks; $55, tops.
Well, Hubby did not disappoint. Not only did he fulfill the first two requirements; he came in under the $50 mark. Most excellent work.
The tree pictured above is without its ornaments. Oh, it’ll get them. But, I wanted to take a picture of it while it was still innocent. There’s something nostalgic about a tree with just its slim branches awashed in the simple colored lights of a by-gone era. I especially like the bubble lights of  my childhood.


Makes you want to smile, doesn’t it?
You know what else makes me smile?
The fall decorations are finally gone.
Yep. We can thank Hubby for that, as well.
Okay, then. Time to make some soup.
Kaukab’s going to call soon. I can just feel it.

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