“But, It’s Not Like Yours”

2 Jan

Earlier today, I talked with a friend who had mentioned that she “tried” making my tampenade recipe with mixed results. “Meh,” described her feeling about the attempt. I tried to explain away her results with an impish mention about needing several attempts and a reiterated plea to not take my measurements literally, but to use them more of a guide, since I, like Kaukab, don’t cook with them.

But, I want her first attempt–your first attempt–to work out. I felt as if I had let her (and you) down.

Kaukab would have said I was being unnecessarily contemplative. No, actually, she would have said, ” Eh,why you care; no body care what you tink?” She’s honest that way.

So, just in case. If you decide to try any of my recipes and they don’t seem to be working out for you, please post a comment (preferrably a nice one) about it, and I’ll try to provide you ideas about how to make it more like mine.

Or Kaukab’s. Except, Kaukab will say it will never be as good as hers.

“Waiter, I’ll have the Catch-22, please.”

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