Is It Really Chili?

11 Jan

Sunday, I had made, what was to me, a sad attempt at vegetarian chili.

You may think this idea was bourne out of an intentional nod to going the way of less meat. Give the animals of this world a New Year’s break. As much as I like the idea, I can not take credit for this lofty ideal. The less glamourous fact is that I simply had no meat handy in my fridge (unless you count venison–which I don’t), and I didn’t feel inclined to bundle myself up in winter attire and throw caution to the ice- and snow-covered streets just to get some lousy meat for my chili.

I figured, this would give me the chance to try something new. Something I had only contemplated in my little kitchen, but never had the meatless nerve to do. There was something very strange about calling a soup “chili” when it didn’t have meat in it.

So, I looked about the kitchen and found the following to employ:

1. mushrooms-thickly sliced

2. onions

3. green pepper

4. dried chili flakes

5. 1-28oz.canned crushed tomatoes

6. 2 -15oz. cans red kidney beans

7. 2 cloves smashed garlic or garlic salt

8. water (enough to fill the empty cans of beans and crushed tomatoes, plus a little more)

9. canola oil, or what you prefer–to sautee onions, mushrooms, dried pepper flakes, green peppers, garlic or garlic salt, until softened and mushrooms browned. Add all other ingredients to pot. Cook for about an hour or slightly longer, until reduces slightly.

And, I just realized what I had forgotten to add. Cumin. You know! The spice that Kaukab abhors? Darn! Double Darn!

If only I had put some in my experimental vegetarian chili. I think violin girl would have lamented less to Lilly (my dear childhood friend, but her facebook friend–I don’t do facebook, unless I’m creeping from one of their little machines) about how she’d prefer having meat in it.

See? Even violin girl knows that it’s not really chili without the meat.

Please, no hate mail from the vegetarians. I get enough from Kaukab.

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