A Cookie Quiz

19 Jan

After spending too much time today doing algebra with drummer boy–not gonna talk about that–I decided to propose an easier algebraic problem. Ready?

y=x + dough batter(375 degrees)

If x=an old blackened cookie sheet, like this one:


I’ll wait.
*Still Humming*
Give up?
y=(see below)

better than real "y"

Actually, y equaled burnt cookie bottoms. I can’t show you them, because Hubby finished the last one off this evening. (I had three of them earlier in the day. Yes, three. I’m not ashamed to admit that. Should I be?) But, I can show you the burnt cookie crumbs, which should provide you enough evidence from which to learn the equation and never repeat it in your kitchen.

Burnt cookie crumbs masquerading as raisins

Hubby did realize the error of his ways, after burning the first batch, and utilized the bright, shiny cookie sheet for the remaining batches.
No matter, Hubby won’t have to worry about Kaukab. He’s her favorite.

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