When “WE” means “YOU”

27 Jan

While driving home from violin girl’s french class, the conversation turned to food. Not so surprising.

I had groceries from Aldi’s in the car and had mentioned some of the foodstuffs awaiting us when we arrived home. Violin girl urgently questioned if I had gotten any of the “good bread,” meaning the 12-grain kind, to which I happily confirmed. She then asked if I had also purchased some sliced Italian bread, to which I unhappily denied. For what reason did she desire such a thing!? “I need it to have with some egg salad,” she remarked strangely. Followed by, “Hey! We need to make some egg salad.”

And, though I agreed, I couldn’t help but begin to correct the all-encompassing pronoun with the more usual one–Y-O-U!

Violin girl had beaten me to it. Just as I had begun to skewer the statement, she bellied up and replaced the WE with YOU, giving credit to the egg salad maker.

Which, gave me pause to consider how often these little pronouns are so misused in our little family. Take for instance:

1. “Hey, Mom! WE should go to the mall and see what they have.”  TRANSLATION: YOU should take ME to the mall so YOU can buy ME some clothes.

2. “Hey, Mom! WE need to have a Christmas party.”  TRANSLATION: WE’LL invite a whole bunch of friends over so YOU can cook for US ALL.

3. “Hey Mom! WE have to meet up with so and so…”  TRANSLATION: YOU drive us to X, and WE’LL meet up with so and so, while YOU hang back with so and so’s parents.

Sort of like talking with Kaukab. Minus the guilt.

2 Responses to “When “WE” means “YOU””

  1. Expressmom 02/01/2011 at 9:42 pm #

    It seems your homeschooling had a gap in the lessons on pronouns. My kids missed exactly the same class too! 😉

    • mymotherstable 02/03/2011 at 4:24 am #

      So perceptive of you, expressmom! Too funny.

      Kaukab’s daughter

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