A Day Late

16 Feb

My three lovely valentines were left out of the official day–sort of. Hubby honored his part by bringing home to Kaukab’s daughter some lovely red roses and a box of chocolates. (Yes, he’s traditional that way.)

Up until a year, or two, ago, I’ve always gotten them some nice candies and such. But, for some vague reason I didn’t this year. And, I felt enormously guilty for it. Especially, as I opened my Valentine’s candy box. Being Kaukab’s daughter, I offered them some. It didn’t take long for the box to empty itself of its delectable contents. I believed they were happy enough.

But, the next day, I felt another guilty pang to more adequately rectify the unintentioned slight. After dropping off drummer boy to his drum lesson, I walked next door to the Family Dollar store (doesn’t everyone have one?) to get a few things. Upon entering, I was abruptly faced with two long corridors of Easter candy. Just east of these were two small shelves of day-after Valentine’s candies–officially discounted 40%.

I managed to get three very small heart-shaped candy boxes, which contained a total of three (yes, three) candies, and a larger bag of variety candies encased in Valentine’s-decorated wrappers.

I had found my way out. I had been redeemed.

In my head, however, I had done to my kids what Kaukab always did to us. After-Easter candy, dispensed to mark our official Eastern Orthodox holiday calendar, whereby our Easter holiday matched-up with the Western Christians’ every fourth year. “Eh,Whad da diffrrrence?”

In that case…Happy After-Valentine’s Day!

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