Almost Here

6 Mar

A Smattering Of Daffodils

Forsythia Buds About To Burst Through

Quince Buds Showing Off

These are my signs that Spring is almost here. We had snow today. But, they didn’t care. I like that in them. Adamant to uphold their promise to march in spring like few others seem inclined.
Oh, the mint and oregano will have their time, and I’ll happily use them for vinegarettes and flavoring ice teas and simple syrups.  I’ll be rewarded bouquet-fulls of rosemary from my neighbor’s garden just across the street from me, and I’ll gladly use them to season various meats to be grilled all summer long.
Soon enough, Kaukab will be calling to inquire why I haven’t planted enough tomatoes, while emphasizing the enormous yield of crops from her’s.

But, for now, I’ll be content with what I’ve got.
(For you gardeners, may I suggest reading The $64 Tomato, by William Alexander) Funny, and so relatable.

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