Baguettes For Everyone!

9 Mar

Time was short (is it ever not?) and I had to come up with something to make for violin girl to take to her monthly french-speaking get-together, made up mostly of adults from various french-speaking nations who now live and work in our area. She and her fellow french-student-buddy, Rebekah, are the only two who are not french naturalized, and have been continuing their french affairs at the local college. On this occasion, Rebekah’s mom (once their high school french teacher) went along.

Both love food. They love eating it, talking about it, and looking at it–even taking photos of it. Put another way: they are just like me.

So, with little time to prepare anything labor-intensive, I made my way–enroute from yet another errand–to the nearest grocery store. Once inside I found these.

They looked a bit more anemic at the grocery, but I remedied that by placing them in a 400 degree oven, directly on the middle rack until they were nice and crispy. Because, the French like ’em crrrissspy.

Once I found these, I immediately rushed to the cheese counter. Why? Because the French love cheese. And the spreading of cheese would fit nicely within my time continuum. So I bought two of these.

A French Camembert


As you can see, I also thought some nicely sliced green onions and some fresh basil leaves would make for a nice addition. To add some crunch and freshness, I also brought home an English cucumber–just for the fun of it, really. Although, red radishes would be nice, too. I hear the French really like their radishes. (I already had fresh greens at home, along with some good balsamic vinegar and olive oil.)

Luckily, I managed to wisk through the checkout and arrive home in just enough time to make two lovely baguette sandwiches for violin girl to take to the party.

Here’s what I did:

Firstly, place baguettes directly on the middle rack in a 400 degree oven. Gather up all your ingredients: 2 stalks of green onions, small bunch of fresh greens (I used a red frizee, but you could use bib lettuce or other delicate greens), basil leaves (about 4 oz., picked from stems), English cucumber (1/2 -3/4, thinly sliced), good quality balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper. Diagonally slice the onions, and cut the greens in thirds. Keep the basil leaves whole.

Once the bread is done, remove from oven and place atop the stove to cool. Then start on your greens mixture.

Basil leaves


Red Frisee


 Into a large bowl, place green onions, basil leaves, and frizee (or another green). Drizzle balsamic vinegar on them; season with cracked black pepper and sea salt. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil until well-coated.

Then, cut baguette lengthwise, along the near top, and separate. Pick out some of the bread from the bottom piece and discard. It should still be warm. With a knife or spoon, place large dollops of the cheese along the entire bottom piece, then spread out. Place thinly-sliced cucumber atop the cheese. Like this:

Lovely French Cheese


And this:

Now, for the dressed greens:

I also decided to remove a little of the bread from the top slice, too, before placing atop. Because, I don’t like too much of the bread to get in the way of the fillings. You feel free to do what you want. Remember, it’s me; not Kaukab, who’s talking to you.

Here’s what the whole sandwich should look like when you’re done:

I sliced the baguettes in half, so that I could fit two in one large zip-lock bag for easy travel. (That’s a total of 4 halves, requiring two large zip-lock bags–for those of the math-adverse persuasion.)

Pretty Yummy

I sent violin girl off with these. And a long, rectangular cutting board. And a bread knife.
Let’s hope she passes security.

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