Facing Facts

11 Mar

Well, the time has come to join the legions of bloggers into the strange and wonderful world of Facebook. I have, until now, been reluctant–no, adverse–to the proposition. Just didn’t seem my thing. But, bloggers like readers. Lots of them. And, I have to be truthful, here. I do, too. Is that wrong of me? Don’t answer that.

If you want to blame anyone for this abrupt and traitorous (is that a real word?) chess move to peer pressure, I have someone in mind. It’s violin girl. For she was the one to have mentioned what a swell idea it would be to put her mother on this status-infected web-o-sphere. Not the whole sphere, mind you. Just a page. A little, innocent page to share Kaukab with the world.

I hear that it’s a really nice gesture for readers to “like me” on this Facebook thing.

So, please search “My Mother’s Table” and “like” me. I really like to be liked. I’m insecure that way. (Thanks, Kaukab.)


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