Why A Husband Needs A Wife

21 Mar

To help him match up suitable shirts and ties while shopping for a new washer/dryer set.  May I present:

Exhibit "A"


Notice how the ties and shirts share several colors, while the patterns work together with mutual respect. Vastly different from hubby’s tired brown neckties he dared to thrust upon them.

Now, you may wonder, ‘What do shirts and ties have to do with food?’ Or, for that matter, with Kaukab? Perfectly good thoughts, I admit.

Well, shirts and ties have to work together in just the right way. They require just the right amounts of color, proportion, and texture; otherwise, the result is unbalanced. It’s a lot like cooking. You have to have the right balance of flavors, color, and textures for the dish to be appealing.

Kaukab, on the other hand, never cared  about her husband’s shirts and ties, old and unbalanced as they were. Formal wear wasn’t required at her table.


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