Got Bamboo?

24 Mar

Question: What does a day of friends, french, and caffeine produce?


"Ma, look what we dragged home!"


Seems they found a big pile of downed bamboo, a few blocks from our home. I immediately recognized it, for few homes in our neighborhood grow the incessent and sky-piercing species. I had some bamboo in our small, urban yard when we first moved here. It took me countless hours and a few days of  back-breaking labor–actually, hubby’s back–to rid the small plot of it, although ours was not of this tall, lanky kind.

I’ve admired the bamboo every time I passed that house from where this specimen originated. It looked beautiful and grand, lining the long driveway alongside the late- nineteenth-century home. But, this particular lone bamboo looks unfortunate and out-of-place.

After countless pictures with their bamboo pal, I suggested they deposit the poor sprout along the back fence until I had time to find something hefty to cut it with. Little did I know that the top third would linger among the pesky neighbor’s ill-planted evergreens, some of which are beginning to grow tall enough to peak just above our fence’s top.

This situation might rely on a little help from Kaukab. Or, maybe I’ll just chop the bamboo into tiny sections and be done with it. Probably less trouble that way.

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