New Old Things

30 Mar

I’m finding that as I age, so too do my tastes in things. I find it relaxing to peruse antique shops in nearby neighborhoods, looking for things I don’t really need, but can still be useful, if only for their nostalgic appeal.

Take these, for instance:

I found them sitting up high on a shelf in a little antique shop just across the street from where drummer boy takes his lessons. There were only three of them. Two of the yellow swans and one of the red flower. I like them for their larger capacity of juice-holding. Best of all…they cost me only $3.00 a piece!

In this same shop, I also found this:

It’s one of those map towels they used to make way back in nostalgia days. I’m going to frame it–in red lacquer–and hang it in my kitchen. I’ve not been to Quebec, but one day, we’ll make a road trip. We’ll have to take violin girl along, since she’s the only one who’s with french-speaking skills. I have a feeling my Arabic comprehension skills (barely can cobble together actual sentences on the speaking side) won’t help much there.

And, dare I say it. I found some pretty aprons, too. But, I decided that I didn’t really need more of them. At least, not right now. It’s just that, I want to have enough of them for the group of ladies I’m planning on having over for a cooking class this summer and…

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