When I Don’t Feel Like It

21 Apr

I suppose one could toss in any number of subjects to mean “it”, but I’m choosing the topic of cooking, here.

So then: When I don’t feel like cooking, as I hadn’t last night (really tonight, as I type, but this post will not be allowed to remain in its original Wednesday slot, given the time I press the “publish” button), I resort to making tacos.

Not your Chipotle-fresh tacos. But, your browned hamburger-tossed-with-chemical-laden taco mess. With a little water, of course. I’m not stingy.

I did, however, manage to dice some fresh tomatoes, slice some green onions, shred a little lettuce, pop open a tub of sour cream, rip open a package of shredded cheese, and screw open the lid of some factory-made taco sauce. Oh, and cut a few lime wedges–to bring a little Chipotle to the neighborhood.

And while Kaukab would have declared this meal as “junky” and unfit for human consumption, the diners at this fine establishment found them good enough to scarf down without any complaint.

Mission accomplished!

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