Mother’s Day, Everyday

11 May

It’s been a few days since we celebrated the mother of all holidays, and I must tell you that today, like most days, was spent doing mundane, non-news-worthy activities. Here’s the list:

1. Schooled the boys. (Did you know that the weight of all microorganisms combined far outweigh the total combined weight of all other living organisms, i.e., animals and plants? Yeah, neither did I.)

2. Made a chicken sandwich on whole wheat for lunch.

3. Schooled some more.

4. Smelled my pretty red roses hubby got me for the special holiday.

5. Took a nice, mid-day shower, and a few minutes out in the garden.

6. Finished up schooling. (Are we ever really finished, though?)

7. Taxied drummer boy across town for drum lessons.

8. Caught up on some reading, while waiting on drummer boy. (The Great Divorce, by C. S. Lewis. Drummer boy had already read, as part of his assigned reading, months ago. Figured, it be a good idea if I finished, too.) Mother = Role Model

9. Stopped by the International Asian Market to grab a few things for dinner–gyro meat, Indian flat bread, 3 bottles of guave juice (for the kiddies), 1 can frozen mango puree, 2 cans pre-made chick pea puree, and 2 bags frozen korean dumplings. P.S. No matter how much garlic, lemon, salt, and tahini paste you dump in the canned chick pea puree, you won’t win. Hummous must be made from scratch–Kaukab-style.

10. Hanging out with the family, watching “Under the Tuscan Sun,” making sure to skip over the one major sex scene–the one driver boy had not managed to escape previously. For me, the food is the star of the movie.

And there you have it. A mother’s day, albeit, an unusually less hectic one.

Tomorrow, God willing, I’ll be awaken to the words, “Mom, can you…?” and “Mom, where’s my…?”

Here’s to all the moms who work hard and care for their “babies.” Everyday.


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