Celebration Weekend

29 May

This weekend is important on three fronts.

1. It’s a time to celebrate those who have unselfishly given of themselves to protect our liberties.

2. It’s a time to celebrate food. Barbequed or grilled. Either way, there will be countless backyard gatherings of family and friends sharing special recipes around the picnic table.

3. And, for this mother’s table, there will be special celebration:



This mom is especially happy, because their birthday dinner requests require me only to tear open a family-size box of Stouffer’s Lasagna, remove the foil lid, and place on a baking sheet to bake for a little over an hour. Close to the lasagna’s completion, I will tear open another food package–this time, a garlic bread loaf–and place that in the oven for a few minutes. If I’m feeling especially celebratory, I’ll make a salad, but the boys don’t usually care one way or the other.

This year, I bought them a Tiramisu cake–emphasis on “bought,” which drummer boy (pictured above with far less hair) pulled out of the refrigerator this morning asking if he could open for a quick pre-church breakfast. (I’m sure he would have never considered posing that question to Kaukab. He’s smart that way.)

Of course, tomorrow morning, I will be making roasted potatoes and tabouli (yes, once again) to take to friends for Memorial Day noshing.

And, if you’re still trying to think of something quick to make for one of your weekend gatherings, here’s an idea:

Roast some potatoes on one baking sheet and on another, roast a variety of colored peppers, some whole mushrooms, and quartered onions, all doused with olive oil, garlic salt or sea salt, and cracked pepper. Feel free to sprinkle some dried rosemary, thyme, or oregano, too. Or, how about some dried red pepper flakes, just for kicks? I usually roast them at 400 degrees for about an hour. (The softer veggies, i.e., not the potatoes will take a bit less time.) Just check on them about 40min. in, to determine how much more time is needed. I’ll usually turn the heat down to around 250 degrees once they start browning and get a little wrinkled.

After they’re done, let them rest on the baking sheet, until cooled. Then, dump them all in a large bowl. Lightly toss to mix. It’s a great side to any grilled or barbequed fare.

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