An Unmemorable “Memorial-Day” Conversation

30 May

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who thinks you’re someone else and you just go along, because it’s easier to do that than try to explain why you haven’t got an inkling as to what that someone is talking about?

Well, on this Memorial Day, Kaukab did not disappoint.

In no particular order:

1. “I picked a lotta parsley, was gonna make tabouli, but it too hot an I was too tired.”

2. “Boy, it hot here, it hot down dere? (no pause for a response)…It 92 degree here.”

3. “Why you come in here an break my tings?” (yelling at great-grandkids, who’ve just run in from the too hot outside)

4. “Why dey play basketball in dis hot weather? Crazy kids! Who do dat?”

5. “Yeah, he can afford it. He borrow money and pay it back each month.” (A ‘Who’s on first?’ rendition ensues.)

6. “Laura gonna be in high school next year?” (Violin girl will be a high school senior next year, but since she homeschools, Kaukab thinks it’s something different, and that her daughter will eventually come to her senses and do the ‘right tink.’)

7.”You comin’ up to Cleveland dis summer?”

Naturally, the only question she allows me time to answer.

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