14 Jun

My mind can’t help it. Before I know it, Independence Day will be upon me.

This will be our 2nd Annual party, and I want to serve a different main course from last years, which consisted of marinated grilled chicken and smoked sausages.

I’m leaning toward barbeque ribs. I think I would feel better about this possibility if I had one of those portable electric smokers. It looks so easy to use, and the infomercials make the food look so tender and flavorful. I actually know someone who has one, and they cook just about everything in it. (She’s a native West Virginian, so by “everything,” I do mean “everything.”)

I figure ribs can feed a lot of people; everyone likes them (they’d better!); they’re All-American; and I can cook them ahead of time and then finish them off on the grill. Seems like a win-win.

I might have to break my rule and give Kaukab a call. She may not be All-American, but she can sure cook up some tasty ribs.

BTW: New entry in the homeschooling section. It’ll be the bottom entry.


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