From Nashville to New York–A Food Odyssey

23 Jun

Last week entailed food routes leading to two very different places: cosmopolitan and country.

See if you can match the foods to their locations:







#4--A Freebie


#5 Ignore the two coffee and red velvet cake purchasers, please.




#7 Not so fuzzy in person, provided you've avoided the liquid spirits


ANSWER KEY: #1 Pasta in NYC–Little Italy
                               #2 Gigi’s Cupcakes in Nashville’s Music Row
                               #3 Gigi’s Cupcaskes–couldn’t get enough of these!  
                               #4 Big Bubba’s BBQ in Munsfordville, KY, just short of the TN line
                               #5 Bongo Java, across the street from campus
                               #6 NYC in Chinatown
                               #7 Bongo Java–outdoor dining/coffee/tea drinking, and the best Chai tea (w/steamed milk), ever.
Congratulations to those who’ve answered all correctly. Door prizes not included.
This concludes our tour of the 2011 Food Odyssey.
Thank you for playing, and please come again. 

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