No Cookin’ At Kaukab’s

26 Jun

Hubby took a call from Kaukab yesterday. (The boys and I were at a homeschool graduation ceremony for a dear friend–yep, we actually graduate ’em.) Three pieces of information were divulged:

1. Kaukab’s weather highlights

2. Kaukab’s quick summarization of family dynamics, summed up with a good bit of denial, but neatly wrapped, “Yep, they all good.”

3. Kaukab’s no-cook day, but soon to–given that Hubby indicated (incorrectly) we’d be visiting her on a specific weekend, which had been taken up with previous plans, unknown to him.

Which will turn out not-so-positively for Kaukab’s daughter, since previous plans mentioned only to said daughter will not adequately appease her forthcoming disappointment.

Oh, well…It wouldn’t be the first time.


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