Bread School!

13 Jul

My next door neighbor is the kind of neighbor any foodie would relish. She lets me reach through her iron fence slats to pick oregano–an herb she hates, but grows anyway. (Foodies are strange that way.)

During the July 4th weekend, while I was serving up homemade barbeque (please refer to July 10th post for details) among her oregano and thyme, my neighbor and her twenty-something daughter were here:

King Arthur Baking School

Those of you who bake (I, not so much) are familiar with this brand of flour. Hubby’s familiar with it, as well, although he tells me he’s never used it.  My neighbor and her daughter baked some 24 loaves of various breads, along with an assortment of pastries. To our delight, we were greeted with these:

Sourdough & Baguette

From which I made these:

Buttery Goodness

WV Panini!

Here’s to bread-makers–everywhere!

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