Sick of Being Sick

17 Jul

I’ve been sick since Wednesday. A bad cold. A very bad cold which first took hold on the children–one by one–over a period of ten drawn out days, and one which I thought (unwisely) escaped me. Until Wednesday. At work. Minding my own business–and the business of my patients.

Happy to have had a cancellation of my last patient (scheduled for an hour’s worth of my rapidly waning energy), I managed to get myself home, but not without a last trip to the pharmacy for some homeopathic (Kaukab instilled natural remedies) nasal spray, hoping this would fend off any serious nasal congestion complications.

Did not happen. So, for the next three days this mother’s table brought forth whatever hubby could conjure up from minimal pantry consumptions and…takeout, while I languished on canned chicken noodle soup that I doctored up with whole garlic cloves. Yesterday,  I moved up to a tomato sandwich. Progress!

And, of course, I am now seated here talking with you.  And the laundry’s finally done. You’re welcome, driver boy. More progress! I’m feeling good about tomorrow. I think I might actually be ready to stand upright for longer than 15 minutes and cook something for the family.

One last thing. Nothing beats having some beautiful music to soothe one’s suffering. I’m blessed to have violin girl on hand to do that for me.


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