31 Jul

Thanks to C-SPAN, the American public can sit courtside at our nation’s public spectacle of grown men and women posturing left and right over how best to spend or not spend our money. Some want to  raise the debt ceiling. Some don’t. Others want to raise it, but on the condition of putting in place spending restrictions.

I’d like to propose raising a different kind of ceiling. A food ceiling, whereby food would return to its pre-canned soup gravies and green bean casserole recipes. Meals couldn’t be called “Italian” just because the Hamburger Helper box says so. At least half of the dish’s contents would have to be recognizable to a five-year-old. And, most importantly, it must meet Kaukab’s litmus test. ‘What’s that?’ you ask. Spend less without sacrificing quality.

A concept seemingly lost on Capitol Hill.


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