If Only She Knew…

22 Aug

If only she knew that Hubby dared to cross two different sauces, thus ruining Kaukab’s stuffed squash recipe–cooked by yours truly.

Kaukab’s daughter was minding her business, talking on the telephone with Kaukab’s first-born daughter, when the violation occurred. The infraction wasn’t anything monumental in terms of national security. However, on Kaukab’s homefront, sauces belong to their own designated dishes. Each sauce has its own flavor qualities–something of which Hubby’s iron-clad stomach is ignorantly unaware.

Talk turned to the various commentary Kaukab would have flung toward her daughters, if  she’d gotten word of such matters. Nevermind that it wasn’t committed by her well-taught daughters. In Kaukab’s mindset, husbands are always dependent upon her daughters’ abilities to instruct and monitor. And, this daughter had quietly failed.

Was Hubby concerned about the ramifications–sure to roll in like a big thunder cloud?

Would you be, if you were Kaukab’s favorite?

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