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Birthday Wishes

9 Oct

Kaukab’s daughter celebrated her birthday this weekend.

Friends broke out the “Happy Birthday” song–an unexpected surprise. A striking contrast to Saturday’s rendition, the family coaxed by the birthday “girl,” followed with clapping before anyone was allowed to slice into birthday girl’s luscious chocolate cake.

Red roses gifted by Hubby. Uncoaxed.

Bring on the next one.


Pumpkins for Kibbee

4 Oct

Kaukab phoned on Saturday to tell me the following:

1. It real cold out up here. Yep.

2. Lilly put out lotta decorations for Halloween. She have a smoke and someteeng make noise.

3. Me, I no give candy out since you were kids. It cost too much.

4. Mark (the neighbor) wanna pick me up some pumpkins. What for I need pumpkin?

5. Your Aunt Virgeenia no live at her house. David’s (her grown son) dogs push her out the kitchen door and she fall down. She livin’ wit her daughter, now.

6. I gotta nice couch downstairs, now. I pull out the bottom and put my feet up.

7. I not like the big turkey; they too dry. Well, that because they all old. I make a small one dis year. What for? No one come over an eat, anyway. (Insert guilt here.) But, I like to have some for leftover.

8. You have cold down dere?

9. I don’t watch Dr. Oz anymore. Too much bad tings on.

10. I tell Mark, bring me two pumpkin an I make him some kibbee. Eh, I put dem on the porch.

Just thought you’d like to know.

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