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They’ve done it, again

12 Nov

Time to break out the holiday tableware. With two weeks to Thanksgiving, I’m told by countless advertisers that the holidays have already arrived.

How can that be? By the looks of our neighborhood decorations, it’s still Halloween! I mean, I haven’t even looked for a turkey. Hadn’t considered it.

But, the advertisers won’t let up. They’ve created a parallel holiday universe, in which Thanksgiving and Christmas merge into one big blob of perfectly-browned turkeys and local newsfeeds reporting that Santa and his elves had arrived at the local mall. Worse, the long lines of willing participants–laughing and waving, as if  Thanksgiving had come and gone…that it was actually time to stand in long, undulating lines of Christmas-sweater-wearing grandmas holding tight to their crushed red-velvet-wearing progeny.

For that, alone, I refuse to go turkey shopping any time soon.

Can’t speak for Kaukab, though. Wouldn’t dare.


The Lost Month

1 Nov

Last we spoke, it was early October. Gourds and mums filled the markets. Discount stores began lining their flimsy, 1960s-era shelves with last year’s leftover candies and decades-old Thanksgiving and Christmas paper decorations. Think enormous turkey and Old Saint Nick.

Well, here we are. On the precipice of a new season. A new season for which I am not ready. How can I be? I’ve barely made it through October with my eyes open. In fact, I believe I’ve missed just about the entire month. And, not only in this blogosphere.

No.  Most everything in my October life was lost. The culprit, you wonder? Violin girl. More specifically…college applications. There’s good reason why they use the word “process.” It’s code for time.  As in time consuming. I must admit, I had been warned. Countless times. Countless years. I’m pretty sure I had heard the stories far too many times that I had come to believe they were nothing more than urban/rural legend concocted by highly-involved parents (mothers, in particular) entrusting their whole vicarious lives to the college gods–the elusive college application board.

I’m afraid that I, Kaukab’s daughter, have drunk the application Kool-Aid and fears there is no going back. Only thing to do is to press on to a  new month and hope most of it doesn’t pass me by.

I must say, though…two things Kaukab’s daughter did manage to yield from October:

1. A lovely anniversary dinner out at one of our favorite spots–salmon with herb and cucumber coulis, followed by a lovely cup of caramel-sea salt espresso and chocolate-covered macaroons at our new favorite cafe, just blocks from our home.

2. A rather large sack of Halloween candy (the good stuff, minus the candy corn) dropped off by driver boy, courtesy of neighbor-friends who live to lavish on him.

Not a bad month, afterall.

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