Chicken Little

27 Jul

Recently, a big deal has been made of a little chicken and, apparently, it’s got little to do with taste.

Chick-Fil-A CEO, Don Cathy, made the decision to more clearly affirm his (and his father’s company) stance on the flavor-of-the-month (year) humanity cause bandwagon, after several pokes/stabs by the gay rights community.

Rather than gaining respect for his honesty and courage to stand tall in his religious and moral convictions, he became a rainbow target from those who espouse unity, tolerance, and above all else, human rights.

What right does anyone’s beliefs have over another?  Believe in gay marriage; don’t believe. Like Kaukab, (in this one instance) “I don’ care!” But, you lose me when you fail to respect another’s right to believe and live out one’s life according to his/her moral code.

Personally, I like chicken. And, Chick-Fil-A’s got the best in fast food chicken, hands down. Plus, our local Chick-Fil-As do a bang-up job at supporting all kinds of local and national charities.

Bottom line, Mr. Chicken expressed his company’s viewpoint; the company is rooted in Christian principles. Too bad more American companies can’t bother with ’em. We might have escaped from some of the financial fallout of the ‘money-over- morals’ business culture so prevalant today.

In full disclosure, Kaukab’s daughter considers herself a full-blown Christian believer. Make of that what you will.  In the meantime, pass the chicken.


4 Responses to “Chicken Little”

  1. Agnes 08/02/2012 at 5:56 pm #

    I can’t agree with you. Sure, Cathy had the right to say whatever he wanted. But those of us who disagree also have the right to respond, criticize, tear to pieces. Also, equality in marriage isn’t really the ‘flavor of the year’… we’re talking about equal rights here. You can say both sides must tolerate each other’s views, but that’s like saying “slaves should have tolerated the views of their masters to own slaves.” It’s not equality, plain and simple. All people in loving and permanent relationships should have the same legal rights. Their love and commitment is no less than yours or mine for our respective partners (or lack thereof in my case)

    The main problem with Chik-Fil-A is not that its CEO (or whatever he is) believes a certain thing and expresses that, but that the corporation is known to give money to organizations that promote discriminatory workplace practices, including those directed at working mothers.

    • Diane Nader-Epling 08/04/2012 at 3:09 am #

      I think we’ll need to agree to disagree. This subject is just too big and emotional. There are many corporations and organizations which give monies to promote various causes and beliefs of which I disagree and in those cases, I simply don’t support them. I don’t, however, malign them because they believe differently than what I believe, or live their lives differently than I live. Mr. Cathy has every right to run his company according to his moral compass. Chick Fil A hires people of all ilks who are quite happy working for the company, so I’m not sure it’s a real issue of protecting human rights. They don’t discriminate gay people by not serving them, unlike blacks being discriminated in our not-too-distant American history. Just because I may not fully agree with the gay community’s pro-rights stance, doesn’t mean I would boycott eating or shopping at their businesses, or having a lovely meal and conversation with them. We’re all God’s children. I do, though, respect Mr. Cathy’s integrity to say what he believes and not be disuaded by the bully pulpit. I do know that a lovely meal with my friend, Agnes, far outweighs our differences. So, meet you at the Bluegrass, sometime? Promise not to yell, like Kaukab.

  2. pantsy 08/04/2012 at 10:36 pm #

    I’d love to see you… At the bluegrass, or wherever. Just say when.

    • mymotherstable 08/05/2012 at 3:47 am #

      Anytime after Aug. 20th. Kaukab’s daughter has been buried in college readiness lists. Schedule should settle down once we drop off violin girl. Have a new-old place in mind called Vandalia Grille. Really good veggie and turkey burgers, and heard about the really good salads, too. Then, will need to take you to Moxxee, where two of mine work. Great coffee and teas. All organic and fair trade products. Plus, really yummy desserts. Sound good? Just email me when you can and we’ll figure out a day.

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