A Bunch of Turkeys

12 Nov

Before I get started, would someone, please, provide me with the correct word to describe a group of turkeys, as I seem to recall that turkeys are not quite like bananas? Excuse me if I don’t wait, as I’ve got a much belated post to throw down.

As most of you know, we have come out of a rough year of electoral gobbling and the decision has been made. For roughly one-half, the decision was glorious; the other half, well, not so much.

Despite how you voted, one thing is clear. Well, maybe two.

The turkeys in Washington still haven’t gotten much done, and the price per pound for the turkeys at the market is only rising. It doesn’t seem that long ago when Kaukab’s daughter could find them for $.49 a pound. Now, the lowest found has hovered around the dollar and change mark. So, what to do? Buy a smaller turkey? Given that the number of family members remains the same, most likely not a good option.

Kaukab wasn’t much help. A phone call from her last week confirmed as much. Always out for a bargain, and never one to shy away from a critical analysis of  price points, the same question was posed. Her response? “No, Whada madda wit you? They no have turkey that cheap enty more! (Additional arabic slang tossed in.)  We moved on to politics. Oh, how Kaukab’s daughter preferred arabic slang.

Suffice to say that Kaukab won’t be showing up on any Sunday news programs, anytime soon. Not that it wouldn’t be entertaining. Just, cerebrally exhausting. Happily, she can’t vote, given her alien status. (Biting tongue right about now.)

So, what’s to be learned from this election cycle?

You may have to pay a bit more for your turkeys this year, but the price won’t be as high as what you’ll pay for the turkeys in Washington.

Happy Thanksgiving

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