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30 Jan

What has happened to us? How did we get here? All this fuss about food. For what?

To guilt? To prod? To convince? To deny? To incite? To master? To prove? Disprove?

Or all the above?

Why is it that these food wars persist? Only in American culture do we feel the full brunt of food as an issue. Something to be discussed rather than enjoyed. Food for thought rather than for pleasure. Food to be managed, piece-mealed rather than eaten freely, without hesitation or concern.

Vegan, vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, raw, meat–take your pick.  Just shut up and eat.

Kaukab doesn’t want to hear it and neither do I.


In With the Old; Out With the New

2 Jan

 Time to bring back simple, uncomplicated cookery.

There is no good cause for balsamic reductions to adorn half the menu.

Palates need not be confused, overwhelmed, nor satiated with a confetti of flavor combinations just to make the menu appear sophisticated. No, contrived is not appealing. On this (and little else) Kaukab would concur.

Kaukab’s daughter appeals to restaurateurs, everywhere: Out with balsamic reductions; in with classic saucery. Out with dried fruits and candied nuts in half your salad choices; in with radishes and herbs. Out with bottled, faux sauces; in with simple, fresh ones made with minimal, real ingredients.

To conclude: keep it simple. Otherwise, this first-generation cook will have to stay home.

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