Is It Ready, Yet?

15 Jan

It’s the end of day 5 and our water has been deemed “safe” by the water company. The same one which failed to detect and protect the supply.

I made pasta with it last night, after flushing the pipes. Spaghettini w/basil pesto, peas, a bit of marinara and olive oil. Topped it off with some parmesean. It looked safe. Tasted that way, too.

But this morning, a very different result. One of the twins and I had parched throats. At first, I paid no real attention. But after taking my first shower (“chemical shower” as my skeptical twin likes to refer to it) since the water ban last Thursday, I began feeling a burning sensation in my eyes (which continues as of this writing)–one of the chemical symptoms reported.

I should have paid more attention to that little fellow. He did it ‘old school.’ Boiled bottled water and took the pot with him to the shower. The other twin? Apparently, his concern matches up quite well with his Dad’s.

As for that pasta, it’ll be split among the two meagerly-concerned. Maybe, I’ll try boiling some in vegetable broth. Could have some nice possibilities. Sauteed yellow and red peppers in olive oil with some red pepper flakes and black olives tossed through?

I think this water situation may have an upside, afterall.


One Response to “Is It Ready, Yet?”

  1. Dolly E. Dunlap 01/30/2014 at 10:25 am #

    “Where did the time go?” — a phrase I often heard when I was younger, often uttered by both of my parents. Now, I totally understand. Time just seriously passes by at a faster rate as you get older. I’m certain that once I break the 30-year mark (which is quickly approaching), I’ll be at the age of 40, in what will feel like 25 minutes.

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