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“The Fourth” Leftovers

9 Jul

So, here we are on day “8” (or “9”, depending which wordpress decides), four days (or five, per wordpress) following the big day.

In case anyone’s wondering, yes, we’re still munching on leftovers. Not that it’s a bad thing. The burger sliders, made with minced onions, parsley and Arabic spices and topped with grilled onions, peppers and taziki sauce were a hit.

One more thing: Kaukab’s eldest daughter, who lives a ‘too-close-for-comfort’ distance from her, phoned to pronounce that there is only one way to cut a watermelon and it isn’t hers. You guessed it. Altogether now: “Kaukab’s is the only way.”


Grilled Burgers…Summer Consolation Food

24 Jun

Whenever the following question arises, “What to make that costs us the least and feeds the most (while scoring leftovers for the next two days)?” two summertime foods inevitably come up. Hotdogs and hamburgers.

Yes, hotdogs most likely win out on price, but eating them for days upon days doesn’t hold the same appeal as do burgers. Plus, burger meat can be ammended in more varied ways.

Take Kaukab’s way. (I promise, it won’t hurt.)

Growing up, burgers at Kaukab’s house (and backyard grill) looked quite different from the classic, all-American patty. She liked to fit them with chopped onion and finely-chopped Italian parsley, all hermetically sealed and seasoned with salt and pepper, making it impossible for tiny children’s fingers to remove them.

Of course, times have changed and Kaukab’s burgers have taken on a hip, urban feel, albeit ubiquitous one, thanks to the Food Network cookery thieves. This thievery, to which Kaukab likes to proclaim, stems from the fact that somehere, at some time, someone has made the food item in question…long before it was made “new” and “hip” on a major t.v. show or cookery book.

So the question becomes: Do we make Kaukab’s burgers tonight, or not?

Answer: Kaukab’s burgers, minus the onions and parsley. Kaukab’s daughter will have to wait for some palettes to mature into “new” and “hip.” (Boys, you know who you are.)

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