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WV Motherload

29 Jul

The Fiestaware arrived yesterday!  Who knew that something so basic as WV clay could spark such a fervor among so many? One huge box, with enough foam peanuts to satisfy a small preschool count, arrived. Within, were two smaller boxes, with additional “peanuts,” containing the precious WV colorful pottery. Sixteen pieces, in all.

We chose many colors, but my absolute favorite? Peacock blue.  There’s something mysterious about that shade of blue, for some odd reason. I remember seeing a magazine spread of a Victorian home, whose living room was painted in this same color–its woodwork trimmed in high gloss white. 

Have you ever seen a piece of shiny, colorful pottery that made you want to eat it? That’s what I felt like doing when I saw my Peacock-blue plate. 

As much as I feign over it, you really don’t need to worry about which color to choose. You can’t go wrong with any of the colors they offer.

BTW: Also ordered a couple of their striped glasses. One orange, the other yellow.  Each has the Fiestaware name etched at the bottom face of the glass. They are of proper weight and look really pretty in my glass-faced kitchen cabinets.  I think I shall order a few more, as everyone in my household is fighting over them. Really? Over glassware?

I’m convinced that one day, Fiestaware will be found in every American household, and then all will be right in the world. Or, at least, in America.


Rollin’ In Fiestaware

24 Jul

Just placed an order for more of the famed WV pottery. Wish it weren’t such a fame whore, though. Getting harder to find good discounts, even at their factory outlet. Usually, they’ve got plenty assortments of ,what they call their “seconds,” but these are getting stingier by the year. In an effort to best serve my Fiestaware habit–brought about by my son, Marshall–I’ve looked elsewhere. Turned my back, temporarily, on WV and found some really nice deals on a website called “Megachina.” You can pick your colors, mix ’em up, and they’ll ship anywhere. Here’s the website: www.Megachina.com I did, however, save the original WVwebsite to my blogroll. It’s a great site, with some nice deals, as well. Plus, it has the history of the HomerLaughlin company, Fiestaware’s roots. Check ’em out in the blogroll. 

I’m sorry, WV. Just couldn’t help myself. Please, don’t be angry with me. I still find you Wild and Wonderful. Just not cheap enough in these recessionary times we’re a livin’ .

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