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Answered Prayers

17 Aug

Seems I didn’t need to make that little trip to the Market, afterall.

.000001% carbon footprint

 Thanks to my neighbor. She’s the one-in-the-same bread school lady you met here earlier. I didn’t even have to make all nice-y-nice about how wonderful her tomatoes were coming along. She just offered them up. No strings. The best kind of “free.”

Pssst. I feel I should tell you that this picture was chosen among several, not so much that it was the best one, but because it was the only one that didn’t show all the various food stuff remnants adhered to the counter.

Someone’s gotta look out for Kaukab’s daughter.


…with a little help from my friends

16 Aug

Just like the Beatles.  Dinner tonight was made possible by friends like you. Specifically, Lilly. Camping extraordinaire. Master gardener. A proud “green” card-carrying planter of eggplants and arugula–among many, many other vegetation. Oh, and best of all…pesto maker. Arugula, to amp up the specificness.

So, tonight, roasted eggplants and arugula pesto pasta sported this mother’s table. Check it out:

Simply Delicious

If only I had been more productive today and swung by my Farmers’ Market to pick up some fresh tomatoes.


Question of the Day

7 Apr

At what point does going “green” become too costly, both financially and emotionally?

Here’s how Kaukab would answer that question:

1. Why you charge so much for deeze tomatoes? Silly! What, you dirt more special den mine!? Ah, c’mon, you dink I born yesterday!?

She has a point, even if it lacks a certain political correctness about it.

For all the talk about “green” this and “green” that, I have to admit, I’m a bit unfazed about the whole matter. Everything has become a point about “going green.” So much so, that even feminine products have to advertise about it!

Well, I don’t want to “be” green. I just want to go about my day: re-using my plastic grocery bags; planting herbs and small garden veggies; running several errands on the same day to save gas, and countless other daily activities that I’d rather not talk about. In other words, just do the things that countless generations before us, like Kaukab’s, did everyday.

Living “green” for her wasn’t some modern-day, altruistic choice. It was a necessity.

So, before you consider buying that $2.49lb. “heirloom” tomato from your local grocer, ask yourself this: “What would Kaukab do?

That’s right. Put that pretty tomato back . Your dirt is plenty special enough.

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