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So, it’s a new year…

9 Jan

What to make of it, thus far?

Looking about the house, I’d say…not much.

The fireplace mantel still holds semi-filled Christmas stockings. The live tree, still guzzling water, hangs on, while the front porch Christmas lights linger, hoping to come down soon, if they had their druthers.

Druthers aside, the new year has arrived and there’s not much Kaukab’s daughter can do about it. With a new year comes new chances. Chances to start fresh, unencumbered by past hopes.

The last conversation with Kaukab in 2010 covered potatoes and turkey; frosty weather reports; family shenanigans and more potatoes and turkey.

Here’s hoping that Kaukab’s new year rings in fewer root vegetables and poultry. For her daughter’s sake.



31 Dec


Happy New Year!


Tomorrow will bring the start of many voiced resolutions–most of which will fail to live up to their pronouncements and good intentions before January ends.

If there’s one thing I have in common with Kaukab, it is this: “C’mon, what you do for?” Translated, this means, “Why bother; you’re just fooling yourselves!”

See? Isn’t it just easier to surrender to failure from the get-go than to waste precious time and hand-wringing trying to achieve something for the sake of saying, along with millions of other facebook friends, that you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution?

It’ll soon be a new year. Try something different. Make a resolution to not make any more of them.

Instead, do what Kaukab does. Cook.

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