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Farmer Breakfast

20 Jul
Mid-East Style

Typically, an American breakfast doesn’t look remotely like the one pictured here. But, this American-born gal likes her breakfast with a Middle-Eastern twist. Especially when the farmers’ market has so many lusciously fresh produce.

Hidden under that freshly baked baguette (courtesy of my local bakery–Charleston Bakery, just down the block from the farmers’ market) are two olive-oil soaked slabs of roasted eggplant topped with equally-soaked roasted onions–both oven roasted the day before. I placed them on my baguette straight out of their refrigerated container as pictured here:
Notice how soft and shiny they are. If only I had planned better I could have added some nice basil and crumbled feta, or that crumbled feta with bits of sun-dried tomatoes and basil. Oregano could be just as good, too. Traditionally, we eat the eggplant on pita bread, whereby said bread would soak up the excess olive oil (although, “excess” is a relative word in my circle). We did so last night. And then we ran out. I’m fairly certain Kaukab would have been appalled. One must never run out of pita bread. Not ever.
No matter. My breakfast hit the spot. Perhaps, I’m more tolerant of other bread families than is Kaukab. But, I’ll just leave that to my wonderment.


27 Jul

Kaukab's Lebanese Squash

Last week, while perusing the farmers’ market, I spotted some cute, minature-sized green squashes. The kind Kaukab relied on to make her tasty Lebanese-style stuffed squashlets. My daughter had a taste for some, just before I left for the market.  So when I found these little jewels, I grabbed a bunch to take home and re-create a new childhood memory.

These aren’t always offered in grocery markets, unless it’s a Whole Foods kind of place. Generally, you’ll have to scour farmers’ markets or small, independent Asian or Middle Eastern shops. Sounds like a running theme, here, doesn’t it?  I’m just the messenger.

Check out my recipe in the Table Menus section, if you’re so inclined. And, remember the pita bread.


26 Jun

My Market. I love you!

Had a very successful (with the exception of no honey–won’t be in season until mid-July) morning at the local farmer’s market.

I found all kinds of great produce.  Check it out:

Loads of Beans!

Lovely tomatoes

Eggplant and peppers for roasting

Perfect for Fried Green Tomatoes!

Truckload of Locally-Grown Corn

My Local Farmer! He stands by his produce.

Once home, I laid out my bounty. Sure is pretty.

My Beautiful Bounty

Then I got roasting. Check out my eggplant and roasting how-to’s in the Menu section.
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