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Road Kill

4 Aug

On the road much of the day today. Early drive (7:45)–for this set of homeschooled kids–to the other side of the Ohio River (that would be the Ohio side) for my daughter’s violin gig at the recording studio. No time for breakfast at home, so first stop to Sheetz to appease the hungry masses. The boys got some hash browns and hot sausage/cheese sandwiches, while I and violin girl got egg salad sandwiches. Not bad, for road food.

Gotta Have My Sheetz!

After countless track-laying, piled back into car late afternoon, heading back for late, late lunch before pausing to stop at another recording studio/music store. Violin girl saw, what she’d only heard in legendary tales–a five-string violin, which she had to play…and did. Lunch, again, courtesy of Sheetz. Boys ate. Violin girl and I elected to hold off and fetch some food at a local Tim Horton’s, after dropping off the boys for drummer boy’s lessons.

Violin girl felt impending nausea while driving to drumming class. I suspected it was the five-hour-old egg salad sandwich violin girl neglected to eat in its prime temperature state, yet thought it perfectly reasonable to partake of such without considering possible side effects. Fortunately, the a.m. Sheetz bag lay ready, should she needed. Happily, a false alarm.

By the time we arrived at Timmy’s, violin girl’s stomach was ready for more.  A lovely blt/swiss on a croissant for her, and a small bowl of chili for the chauffer.

Nothing like a day’s worth of road food to kill the love of a good meal.

Tomorrow, back to the kitchen. With pleasure.

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