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16 Aug

Our trip to Cleveland last week:

Tuesday 9:30 a.m. 

Left on time. Even, with Laura. Picked up Laura’s beau. Again, right on time.

Fast food brunch. Bleh.

2:45 p.m.  Arrived at Kaukab’s.  Feasted on Middle Eastern spread, aka Mezza.

Green beans, tabouli, hummous, kibbe, spinach pies (triangular-shaped, spinach-filled baked goods), baked chicken, pita bread. Lots of Kaukab-isms to mull over.

5:30 p.m.  A 5-house walk to Lilly’s to gather her for a Paramore concert downtown riverfront and drop off hubby and Marshall, who will stay behind with Lilly’s hubby. Later, Lilly’s hubby will take Marshall for “driving” lessons–Marshall’s 14 yrs. old and believes he knows how to drive, simply because he has perfected simulated steering from his back seat throughout his childhood, and often with a variety of non-real steering wheels.

6:15 p.m. Hubby eventually locates the correct detoured drop-off for said concert, and we are happy.  I am happy, in particular, because I get to spend a concert with someone who is of like age and not of usual situation whereby I’m one of only a handful who aren’t of the skinny jeans demographic. We plunk ourselves just outside the large tent area and enjoy our lemonade freezes, while the kids make their way to the “mosh pit” to find some of their other mosh friends.

9:00 p.m. Paramore hit the stage hard…and loud. By this time, we’ve made our way just to the right of the mosh pit and fairly close to the stage. Found ourselves next to a woman–also not of skinny jeans demographic–who was not too happy with us, nor anyone else who dared to come within 3 ft. of her. Funny, I thought she would have known that it’s just about impossible to clear anyone of that space requirement, particularly when you choose to stand near a mosh pit at a Paramore concert. I’d never been to a Paramore concert, but I pretty much figured that I’d not be able to set up my rocker and have all the room to rock out to my heart’s content.

11:00 p.m.  Concert over and we are famished. My lower back hurts from standing…and jumping. Don’t worry, my kids didn’t see me. A pleasant walk up to street level and into the Terminal to catch the train back to Lakewood.

11:45 p.m.  Back to Lilly’s for food. Marshall, et. al. save precisely three pieces of pizza…so my other son had those. I made a quick walk back to Kaukab’s to gather more of the leftover Mezza and back to Lilly’s for a late night snack. Also, Lilly provided us with a scrumptious raspberry chipotle salsa and another of  green olives, made by a guy in Cleveland. All with blue corn chips. Excellent. He doesn’t have a website, as of yet. Not even a label on his jars! I’ll let you know what I can find out. Because, seriously, so good. I usually don’t bother with jarred salsas.

Next morning, left for home. Without Melt. Paramore and the rest of the bands ate there the night before. She spoke about her love for Melt. We had planned on eating there for an early lunch Wednesday, before heading home, especially, since Jacob (Laura’s) hadn’t been before. Alas, no time to be melted.

You don’t want to guess where we ate lunch on the road, do you?


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